Add Some Extra Cheer With These Christmas Decorations

By now you probably have your Christmas tree up, your Christmas list started, and you’re just waiting for the 25th to roll round. Feels like limbo, doesn’t it?

Thats why I took a stroll round Pinterest and found these 5 ideas you might actually want to try.

Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

3D Paper Snowflake

Add a quick and easy sprinkle of festivity to any room with these snowflakes.

christmas pine cone garland

Pine Cone Garland

Perfect if you live near pine trees, especially if you have children. Spend some time hunting for a good stock then drape them over your fireplace before lighting the candles and settling down with some hot chocolate. Bliss.

Pine Cone Felt Elves

Pine Cone Elves

While you’re out there gathering pinecones, save a couple for these cute little helpers!

Homemade Holidays Lets Make the House Smell Like Christmas

Christmas Scent

Its beginning to… smell?… a lot like Christmas

Table Hanging Ornaments Christmas

Extra Ornaments? Here are some fun tree-alternate places to hang them.

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