Halloween Themed Resources For Websites

(Quick heads up; the links in this post are affiliate links, if you do purchase something through them I get a few bucks. Mostly they’re just cool)

With dark stomping in early, leaves crunching underfoot, and  Halloween skipping up to our doorsteps and demanding a treat (lest you be tricked!) it can be easy to ignore your website briefly in favour of offline entertainment.

If you haven’t yet decided how to delight your site visitors this year don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


First, if you’re hosting a spooky, live (in person or otherwise) event you’ll need a theme (or at least a page) to set the mood.

Hexentanz (Halloween events WordPress theme)

Hexentanz Halloween Theme from themeforest

Dark atmosphere, horror sound effects, burning, ticket reservation integration, translation ready – it goes on. Have a poke about the haunted house and find your own favourite creature features.

Malleus Maleficarum (the horror event web flyer)

Malleus Maleficarum Events Theme from Themeforest

Set the hairs on the back of your neck raising with this responsive flyer featuring css3 transitions, vertical scrolling content, and google integration where it counts. Beautifully dark and worth a look.

Dress Up

Second, you need a mask for treating your subscribers, no tricks with these responsive email templates.

Scary (Email campaign template)

Scary Email Template from Themeforest

Responsive, 3 flavours (layouts), and able to please in most major email clients – this is one succubus you don’t have to sell your soul for. Or even rent it out for a day or two. Suits most purposes.

Halloween Sale (also an email template)

Halloween Sale Responsive Email Template from Themeforest

Available in 2 colours, 6 html templates, and 7 sliced psd files; good option if you need something festive but not particularly versatile. Bright and cheerful like a pumpkin glow in an otherwise dark, cold night.

Unexpected Wow

Finally, in case it all goes wrong, get your visitors back on the beaten path by sending some help to your 404 page.

Zombie (404 page)

Mmmrrrrrrrrhhhh……… (just go have a look, hm?)

Wishing you a Happy Halloween! What do you have planned for your visitors?

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