Why People Like WordPress CMS

A content management system is used to manage the content of a website. With the help of content management system it is easier to make changes to a website without much knowledge of HTML, CSS etc. By having a content management system, the owner of a website is able to update his website without any need of a webmaster. You get much control over the functioning of a website with the help of an efficient content management system.


WordPress content management system can be said as the most popular content management system available today. WordPress allows you to create blogs and websites that can be easily maintained and updated with its content management system. WordPress developers can help you in creating a blog, or you can yourself design a website with WordPress. There are many advantages of WordPress content management system, let us discuss some of these.

It is simple to install WordPress, you do not need much instructions and manuals. The simplicity of WordPress content management system is winning hearts of website owners and more and more people are turning to WordPress. The admin panel of WordPress content management system is not much complex as to intimidate its users away. Unlike Drupal, there is no need for a technical expertise to work with WordPress. With the help of WordPress widgets it is easy to add new items and content, making it a sound choice of website developers.

WordPress CMS

WordPress content management system offers plugin support, so increasing the possibilities of more functionality and versatility to a blog or website. These plugins can be used according to specific requirements, making a site richer in features. There are over 15 thousand plugins in WordPress content management system for purposes like search engine optimization, social networking, backing up of a website, media integration etc. Other content management systems also offer plugin support but WordPress has really got an edge over these.


There are thousands of themes that you can select for your blog or website, and they are completely customizable. There are plenty of free themes out there, so money here is not the issue. WordPress content management system is also appreciated because of permalinks; they are the url’s to all the articles on your website. WordPress supports permalinks that is effective in search engine optimization. A WordPress website works well even when there is too much traffic on the site. These are some reasons of WordPress being so popular in internet world.

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