20 Impressive Twitter Logos Icons

Logos provide the essential look which is required by the site for its identification, recognition and remembrance by  users. A logo is good when it is able to impress the users by being simple. A logo might appear attractive when soft and good quality colors are being used, but in case too bright colors may not be able to cause the desired effect. To give the best look to your site a classic type of logo should be developed.

Twitter initially was not having that much good quality logos but over time twitter have developed several icons of high quality for its recognition. A logo should be carefully designed to attract users and enable them to use logos. Over time twitter have developed several logos including aluminium twitter logo, wood logo and many others which are the recognition of twitter and used by its users.

Further are few of  twitter’s impressive logos which can give you a brief insight of how twitter have developed logos for attracting users by simple and attractive ideas.


Simplest logo but have unique attraction in it also contains 7 variations.

tweet ballons in several colors

Twitter Birds

A complete set of colourful logos.

twitter birds

Tweeter Bird Icon

Tweeter Bird Icon provides you new vector style.

vintage effect of twitter bird

Tweeter Icon

This Tweeter set icon in silver.

customized twitter icon

Twitter Stripe Icon

Proffesional twitter logos.

striped twitter

YoruFukurou Icons

Replacement Twitter Application logos in 3d.

owl look of twitter

Bold Twitter Logo

Awesome Twitter logo in cubic shape.

block look of twitter bird

Minimal Twitter Logos

Very simplest and cool logos

black and silver logo and blue and silver logo

Twitter Emboss Logo

This way drop shadow and emboss logos

drop shadow and emboss effect of twitter logo

Mega Twitter Icon Set

Here you can download multi level logos

 massive twitter icons

Twitter Toggle Button

Now toggle in your own style.

twitter toggle button

T Logo

T logo in 3D style.

classic twitter icon

Twitter And Follow me

New way to impress users.


tweet bird

Two Tweetie Icons

This is one of the coolest collection.

two tweetie icons

Twiiter Button

Now Switich in your own way.

set of tweet birdies

Aluminum Twitter Button

Two different ways to look.

aluminum twitter icon

Newborn Twitter Icon Pack

This pack contains some new blue birds.

twitter birdie pack

Adiumy Twitter

Now share your moods with twitter.
twitter birdies showing online status icon

Tweet Birds Cloud

Thinking birds in cloud way.

tweet bird

Tweet My Web Icons

Different followme icon pack.


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