Top 20 Simple Free WordPress Theme

WordPress is a robust content management system in the internet world. It is easy to setup your own website with the help of WordPress. There are thousands of themes out there; great thing is that many of them are Free Simple WordPress themes while there are also WordPress themes that require you to pay for them. It does not mean that free themes lack many features or qualities which are possessed by premium WordPress themes. A wise selection lets you choose a great simple free WordPress theme; it is necessary that the choice of a simple free WordPress theme should match the purpose of website.

Why Simple WordPress Theme?

  • The basic structure: A WordPress theme gives you a good idea of its limitations and merits. Some free WordPress themes are best for blogs, some show their suitability for online business, and some are good for portfolio, magazine websites. Pay attention to the color scheme of the theme, look for the space allotted to text and images, inspect the menu bar.
  • You can further customize a free WordPress theme according to your liking. You have the capacity to change background colors, change the headers or make changes to social media features.
  • It is saner to have a simple free WordPress theme rather than a complex one. Simple themes are easier to handle and websites using such themes are loaded quickly.

Public Demand For WordPress Theme

Some people argue that free WordPress themes often cause problems and their functionality is not stable. That is not true; but surely there would be some difference between free WordPress themes and paid themes.

The companies and the designer that sell themes have invested much time and money and they care about many issues before selling a theme. Anyways, a simple free WordPress theme does much for your presence on the web, little problems can be solved.

How To Get WordPress Theme

There are various sites that are dedicated to providing free WordPress themes. You have to search for them on the internet and you will be able to see literally thousands of themes that you can use and customize for your site. In fact, even WordPress themselves are offering free themes that can be used by people.

The easiest way to find some good free themes is search for terms like ‘simple free WordPress theme‘, ‘free theme’, ‘best restaurant WordPress theme’, ‘WordPress theme for fashion’ etc. Once a theme is installed, you have taken an major step toward completing your website. For the purpose of saving your time and to provide you better edge on others here we have some awesome themes collection.


Simple Blog

slimmity simple blog theme


Responsive Theme

responsive wordpress theme


Tint Free Simple WordPress Theme

Tint a colorful theme


 Free WordPress Theme – AzSimple

Free WordPress Theme – AzSimple


SimpleCorp Free WordPress Theme

SimpleCorp Free WordPress Theme


Free WordPress Theme Simple Chrome White jQuery

Free WordPress Theme Simple Chrome White Jquery


Beauty & Clean WordPress Theme

Beauty & Clean WordPress Theme


Red White Grunge jQuery WordPress Theme

Red White Grunge jQuery WordPress Theme


Divident a Simple Dark Theme

Divident a Simple Dark Theme


A Simple Magazine Theme

A Simple Magazine theme


Free Base WordPress Theme

Free Base WordPress Theme


Free WordPress Theme: Elementary

Free wordpress theme: Elementary




 Best Corporate Theme

Best Corporate theme


Ascetica theme


ZenLite theme


 Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera theme



blaskan wp theme



hyperspace wp theme



origin wp theme



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