Beauty of Script Fonts And Useful Fonts Examples

Script fonts are widely accepted and used in electronic and other media. They have a class, a feeling which distinguishes them from other fonts. Some people consider their usage limited to certain areas but actually they have a much prominent place in designing world.

A number of prominent websites are making use of stylish script fonts which is also well appreciated by their viewers. Script fonts are classified in to formal and casual scripts. Formal scripts are more orderly and are mostly based upon the writing masters of eighteenth century. Casual scripts represent a more active hand and appear to have been created by a wet brush.

There are ways by which you can make your own script font,

  • Written in your own handwriting. For this you have to go to font conversion service such as Your Fonts. In this process you have to fill a form, writing all the letters, both upper and lower case. You will have to look for the uniformity of the letters. Send the form and after processing you are ready to install and use your font.
  • Script fonts are really much versatile than they are thought. These scripts should be a part of designer’s toolkit. The charm, the elegance that they contain reflects on the whole document in which they are present. But scripts should not be used everywhere.
  • They represent the intensity of words when used with other commonly used fonts. They hardly work well in large blocks of text. Different styles of script fonts help their users choose a font which comes close to the theme of writing. For example, a website dealing with history takes advantage from the wealth of classic fonts.
  • The subtlety and sophistication of script font make them a better choice in websites that are related to women.

There are many script fonts that are free to use, and for some fonts you have to pay really high. All handwritten scripts are not legible and so they should be avoided. Let us discuss some of the fonts that are highly appreciated by font pickers. Wisdom is the choice of many designers due to amalgamation of modern and classic. Allura is a unique attraction because of its splendid curves, works better even on professional writings. Some other commonly used script fonts include Cac Champagne, Channel, Creampuff and Ampersand. So go ahead with Script fonts but keeping in mind their limitations.

Wexham Script

wexham script

Feel Script Fonts

feel script

Genesis Typeface Fonts

genisis 24

Goodbye World

good bye world fonts

Harper’s Farry Fonts

douglas pen

Alako Bold

alako Stylish fonts

Fanciful Script Fonys

ambassador script specimen


angelina fonts

Bee Marker Ink

bee marker ink



Dirty and Classic

beautiful script font

Brook 23

brook 23

Carefree fonts


Complete in Him

complete in him

Baffled Font

a quirky type face


creampuff script fonts


dwerneck fonts

Fafers Handwriting

fafers handwriting font

All Word Collection fonts

curly design

Freehand 575


Honey Script

honey script

J.D. Handcrafted

a to z Script fonts

Learning Curve

learning curve dashed

Ministry script

Ministry Script

Neville Script

Nice neville fonts

Kacoon Light

kacoon light

 Acorn Typeface

yellow back ground fonts

A to Z + Damier

colorful a to z fonts

Custom Rook

rook font

One Stroke Script

one stroke script

Ginga script Fonts

nice script fonts

Selfish fonts

bold script font

Black Jack

hand write font


looking good fonts

Shelter Me

shelter me


simple life

Snyder Speed Brush

snyder speed brush

Wild Script

wild script font

Windsong Script Fonts

small and cool windsong font

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