20 Ways For Switching To WordPress Mobile Theme

Switching to WordPress Mobile Theme

As more and more people are browsing on their mobile phones, it is becoming need of the day to customize your WordPress site so that it will appear in right format on any mobile browser. Most modern devices are now equipped with a nice mobile version of a browser which allows most well designed and built sites to be presented on these devices. However some website like those with a lot of reading material need customization to become mobile friendly.

  • WordPress Mobile Plugin: Any theme that you are using can become a WordPress mobile theme, one of the most popular and effective tools to make your WordPress site mobile friendly is the WPtouch. It is a WordPress Plugin you can download from the WordPress plugin page. After activating the plugin, you are ready to go.
  • It is basically an application that automatically converts your site into a format that is well suited to mobile devices. This plugin has a number of options on its setting screen which help you to customize your blog according to your taste. Some of the options are Site title, Default home page, Post listing options, color and font.

A mobile WordPress theme allows the users to have a good and well formatted site appearance on their mobile devices. Moreover, In all smart phones in the bottom of the screen there is a switch link so that your users can switch view back to the normal none mobile version if they want to. Normal WordPress features continue to function normally in the mobile optimized view.

WordPress has another plugin for conversion of any WordPress site called WordPress Mobile pack. It is featured by a special mobile switcher that enables the site to be converted to mobile version. WordPress Mobile pack comes with a theme pack which is in fact the same WordPress mobile theme in different colors.

WordPress theme developers became aware of the tilt toward use of mobile devices and devised a better solution for it. Themes have been developed that automatically change the size and display for just about any monitor resolution and any kind of device. Such themes which are often termed as responsive themes require only one version of the website. Hand held mobile WordPress theme provides the visitors of websites on mobile devices a great experience. Simple Mobile is another WordPress theme that is designed for mobile devices. This theme can be used both for desktop computers and mobile devices. With such WordPress mobile themes your website presence on smaller screens has become easy.


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