Top 20 Best SEO WordPress Themes

SEO WordPress Theme

WordPress is an open source blogging tool and a robust content management system. It is based on php and MySQL as well. In the world of internet more than 16% of top websites are using it which speaks of its popularity. It was first released in 2003 and since then millions of its copies have been downloaded.

  • The users of WordPress can switch between several WordPress themes. Themes can also be installed via FTP. The HTML and PHP code can also be edited for more customization. Search engine optimization is very crucial to an online marketer and WordPress blogs incorporate them well.
  • Some people are looking for SEO WordPress theme but they don’t realize that WordPress is totally optimized for SEO. It has an integrated link management, a permalink structure which is good for tagging of posts and articles.
  • The only need is to install a few plugins for a much better optimization but again there are some themes which can help Google algorithm more extensively to make your content more visible.

WordPress SEO Plugin

One of the major plugin in this respect is “all in one SEO”. It allows for writing description and title tags for each post. For Google optimization you will have to add potential keyword to the title of document. Custom settings can also be employed,  it is good to only use %post_title% or you can use %page_title%  or any thing for your pages and posts so that you can write full titles, taking into account you don’t go over the target of 60 characters. Another essential plugin should also be discussed here which constructs a sitemap for Google.

The plugin “Google XML sitemaps” is easy to use but it requires you to go to Google’s webmasters in use page in order to get add the sitemap to the system. If some changes are made throughout your site one should go to plugin and then click on the option “rebuild your sitemap” link  and then automatic notification to Google shall be sent. So you should be sure that a WordPress blog is search engine optimized no matter what theme you use.

Important point in this respect is to provide quality content, so that the organic traffic is increased. It is not good for people landing on your page and not getting what they were looking for.

Choose the theme best matching the purpose of the website, use attractive color schemes. WordPress has provided you the best tools to manage your website, now it is up to you how you benefit from them.

Responsive Business and Portfolio –  More Info / Download

choices responsive business theme


Good Space SEO Theme – Download

good space seo theme


Avenue Cool WordPress theme – More Info / Download

avenue cool wordpress theme


Unique Theme Responsive – More Info / Download 

unique theme responsive


 Evolution Theme – More Info / Download

evolution simple theme



Hyper Space – Download

hyper space


Daily Notes Of Life – More Info / Download

daily notes


Minimolisto – More Info / Download



Brick + mason – More Info / Download

brick + mason


Radius Theme – Download 



Webly seo theme – More Info / Download

Webly seo theme

Reportage – Download



Responsive Full Screen Studio – More Info / Download

responsive fullscreen studio


Corporate Simple Press – More Info / Download

simple press


Smart Start Wp Theme More Info / Download

smartstart wordpress theme


Modest – Simple Cool  Theme – More Info / Download

modest simple cool theme


Standard Pack – More Info / Download



 Theme Preview – More Info / Download

theme preview

Fuji WordPress SEO theme – Download

fuji wordpress SEO theme


Folioway – Premium WordPress Theme – More Info / Download 

folioway premium seo theme


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