Some Easy HTML Font Codes To Help Beginners

HTML Font Codes

HTML is abbreviate as “Hyperlinks Text Markup Language”. It is a difficult language for average person which is not easily understandable by every one for that reason we have collected some HTML Fonts Codes. As you know that HTML font codes is the old-fashioned method to create the websites according to our requirement. Before creating a web blog it is necessary to be familiar with the basics of the HTML font coding. In fact acquiring the proper knowledge of how things are to be done and how text is to formated on web page will be a great achievement to create a website in a professional way.

HTML color Codes

While discussing about HTML font codes, it means that adopting such elements relative to HTML programming so that the page seems more impressive and more users could stick to the page. Most of the users visit those pages where they could access the required information easily. In order to achieve this goal the webpage must be designed with the accurate HTML font codes. There is another technique to acquire the required result is by choosing the standard color, type and size of the fonts.

HTML Font Codes`

The two possible ways through which we can write  HTML font codes. One point must be kept in mind that while making a webpage you should use those HTML fonts which are used as standards instead of rare ones. Description about the methods of writing HTML font codes is given below.

The Font Properties

HTML font family Codes

Mostly people who don’t have much knowledge about coding HTML, CSS these are some properties which will help you. Here are the CSS font or text properties:

  1. font
  2. font-family
  3. font-size
  4. font-size-adjust
  5. font-stretch
  6. font-style
  7. font-variant
  8. font-weight
  9. letter-spacing
  10. line-height
  11. color
  12. background-color
  13. text-align
  14. text-decoration
  15. text-indent
  16. text-shadow
  17. text-transform

[code type=codetype]

A- Use font label:

<font face=”Ariel”>Font Face</font>

B- Use style:

<p style=”font-family:Ariel”>Font Face</p>[/code]

Font Family

[code type=codetype]<p style=”font-family:Garamond, Georgia, serif;”>HTML font code with CSS.</p>[/code]

Font Size

[code type=codetype]<p style=”font-size:20pt;line-height:25pt;”>HTML font code with CSS.</p>[/code]

Font Color

[code type=codetype]<p style=”color:orange;”>HTML font code with CSS.</p>[/code]


[code type=codetype]<p style=”font-weight:bold;”>HTML font code with CSS.</p> OR <p>You can bold <span style=”font-weight:bold”>parts</span> only HTML font code with CSS.</p>[/code]

Italic Text

[code type=codetype]<p style=”font-style:italic;”>HTML font code with CSS.</p>[/code]

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