Easy Way » How to Install a WordPress Themes Manually?

Installing a WordPress theme stands not as complex as most of the people consider it is. The object that leans towards the confusion of people is that there are two dissimilar ways and means through which a WordPress theme can be installed. Most of the people find it difficult to figure out that what method would be better for them for the purpose of installation. Modes of Installation of WordPress theme can be broken down as:

1) Manual installation

2) Using FTP Client.

Today in my article we would discuss about the manual installation of WordPress theme. Mostly it has been seen that a fresh blogger is not proficient of installing contrasting themes in an operative fashion. This is for the reason that he/she does not identify the actual way to install it manually therefore the blog page has to be left old-fashioned and earlier version. While talking about WordPress themes, styles your blog more good-looking, genuine and attention-grabbing for the clients and users.

Steps for installation:

  • The first step includes the direct download of WordPress theme by searching it on Google (free themes). You can select whatever theme you would like which suits you best. Once you have selected start downloading through which you will get a zip file.

installing wordpress themes

  • In the next step, extract the zip file that you have downloaded earlier. Go through the readme document that will help you in installation process.

windows unzip

  • The whole template folder needs to be uploaded into the next folder path – yourwebsite.com/wp-content/themes. Wait for the uploading process as it would take time.

upload theme

  • The resulting and last stage for the manual installation is to initiate your theme. Don’t forget to login. From appearance select theme option. Now activate the theme, refresh the page and feel the fresh theme.

theme activate

install theme

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