10 Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes

If you are looking for some way to take your site or blog off the ground then the best thing to do so is to use the free magazine WordPress themes. We are always willing to write about the topic but we usually hesitate in spending money in getting a custom design for the website. Here we will be talking about 20 of the best free magazine WordPress themes. It must be said that the WordPress community is quite big.One more addition in this community is designing the free themes.

The very first place to visit to find a nice WordPress magazine theme is Elegant themes. It is not free, you will just have to pay 39 dollars and you will be able to use more than 77 professional themes.

The second best place for getting the WordPress themes is Xenastore. Though the graphical elements and colors used here are little subtle but they sure can do great for a website. The homepage has plenty of widgets which make it easier to announce offers and give coupons. The featured section is big enough to showcase the products.

Responsive is also a really good WordPress theme. The homepage area has plenty of space for adding up widgets and placing some content. The homepage contains a big and easy to use featured area which most of the website owners need.

Another WordPress theme is Grid. It gives an impression as if the designer had to put a lot of thought in designing the site. It would be perfect to use it for a portfolio or an artist. A lot of graphics are there so it would be better if you harmonize it by adding content.

It must be said that not all the free WordPress themes are useful for a website because they cause problem regarding Search Engine Optimization. Therefore we have included some premium themes too.

The rest of the themes are as follows:

Max | Download

WordPress theme


Paragrams | Download

free theme


Suburbia Theme | Download

Suburbia Theme


News Pulse | Download

free creative WordPress themes


Massive News | Download

news WordPress themes


Beauty Style | Download

magazine styled theme


The Morning After | Download

The Morning After original magazine theme


Arras | Download

free WordPress Theme

Snips | Download

Free WordPress Theme

The Original Premium News | Download 

Original Premium News Theme



There are times when the free WordPress themes often do not support the purpose or the idea that you looking for. Hence, when you are trying the free ones, make sure they serve the purpose well.

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