Top 8 Useful E-Commerce Designs For Increasing Productivity – Boost Sales

Trends in a website designs ebb and flow but common elements that can drive potential customers and give a boost to the sales remain the same. If the website design is catchy and the site itself has easy navigation feature then this would be a lot helpful. A good thing is that many softwares are now found in the markets that can make you built your e-commerce website design easily. The design should be such that it must best display your products and it must not be confusing for the customers.
Here are the five E-commerce designs for websites that can help you increasing your online sales:

E-Commerce Designs

Top 10 Useful E-Commerce Designs For Increasing Productivity



Carousel or in other words content sliders are the feature that a good e-commerce website must have. The sliders enable one to sort content by scrolling with a glide. They are mostly in the form of slideshows. Now you must be thinking that how can this increase productivity? Well, it helps customers to interact with the site in a better way. Many of the e-commerce templates come with the content slider option. These sliders also help in content management as you can place a large amount of content on a single page.

Clearflex Style: Boutique

Pleasing Interface:

While making a website, one has to make sure that the product stands out from everything else. The layout of the site must not be neglected. The site should be minimal, clean and fresh. You can go for grid designing. This will make you feel that each page has continuity. Don’t overdo with styling as this can frustrate the customer. Less text and limiting colors can also make a site look clean.

Minimal is a responsive theme


Increased Font Size:

The e-commerce websites nowadays are coming in large fonts and themes. This is another way to give your website a unique look. This also increases chances for call to action as the customer would know what to do. Large font of the text will make it easier for the customer to understand what’s written. Such a website design will offer a user friendly experience.

Responsive is an elegantly minimal theme

Digital marketing:

It is really important for your brand to be linked with social media marketing. Make sure you have linked your site with Facebook and at least Twitter. Another useful way to increase productivity is to make a blog and communicate with the customers.

Paradigm is a completely customizable theme

Vintage touch:

Give your site a vintage look. It is quite in these days and it sure attracts a lot of traffic. A blend of old-fashioned ideas on the website can make the customers nostalgic. They will certainly enjoy such kind of shopping of course combined with a convenient experience.

The Expression RESPONSIVE themes

Must Select Responsive Themes:

As every person well aware of the importance of smarts phone in our life how they have obtained the maximum importance in our life. Not only this some people who are addicted to smarts phone specially considering this technology as a basic necessity of their life. So, considering the importance of technology you should must have a responsive e-commerce theme to boost up sales. Because almost 20% of your visitors are smarts phone users or esktops, laptops, iPad, iPhone & more that’s the reason you should need to focus on this area seriously for better productivity.


Baby Color Scheme:

Always try to adopt baby color scheme specially when you have minimal style theme. Most special feature about baby color selection is that you can attain maximum users attention and your user always feels a secure environment. This technique being used by all of the great blogs now a days.

highly customizable

Unique Portfolio Style:

A unique portfolio style or layout also considered as fundamental need of e-commerce design to attain maximum users attention on your product. If you don’t have your portfolio area well mannered then you are losing rewards. So, its most essential thing try to focus on this area specially for that reason we are going to quote here a best example of unique portfolio style.

Paradigm customizable theme


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