8 Best WordPress Plugins of August 2012

The WordPress plugins are basic tool to run a wordpress themes on a website these plugins are created by developers it provide better exposure to the user. The use of plugins is being used just few years earlier. In many website web designers are using different types of plugins to give better result like on the web screen, so it may not stopped during buffering a video or during web surfing.

Wordpress plugins

In the modern era almost every WordPress user is using many kind of plugins to improve its connectivity toward user. So that WordPress plugins of  August 2012 is more compatible and easier to use. The development of plugins helps the web developers to evaluate its web connectivity ratio and its video and audio analyzer as well. Mainly WordPress plugins are being used to enlarge words copatiblelity in the web portal. There is very huge advancement happened in the word of software technology through past year in the result WordPress plugins of August 2012. The main feature of WordPress plugins of August 2012 are very unique and precised.

On the contrary WordPress plugins of August 2012 are very unique and excellent to use. It has awesome results however the user should be more audible to this plugins using any kind of web portal. The uniqueness these WordPress plugins is that it is developed according to the user interface interest so that it creates more resemblance to previous one plugins as compare to plugins of August 2012.

In the age of 21st century the importance of WordPress plugins are very important; because it gives us approach to applying different kind of WordPress themes to explore our objective. WordPress plugins should be more compatible to all kind of WordPress themes. In that purposes plugins of August 2012 provide all kind of compatibility of all kinds of word press themes.


As a conclusion we can assume that plugins of August 2012 in the aspect of WordPress is very useful tool, which helps the web designers and web developers to make it better and better in daily use. These kinds of plugins are really help the user while using heavy WordPress themes.


1. Drop Shadow Boxes

Every developer is much aware about all type of CSS fancy graphical effects, but those who don’t have any knowledge regarding usage of CSS. Here you can download Drop Shadow Boxes.

Drop Shadow Boxes


2. Easy Tweet Embed

In simple words Easy Tweet Embed brings you to embed any pre-populated tweets within links of any blog. The most important feature of this plugin it will helps you to boost up your re-tweet rate.

Easy Tweet Embed

Download Easy Tweet Embed


3. Google Drive for WordPress Plugin

The most important and valuable feature regarding this plugin is a free (up to 5 gb) storage capacity, if you are aware of Dropbox then it is very easy to understand this plugin because it totally based upon Dropbox concept. Here you can download Google Drive and complete information of this plugin.

WordPress backup plugin that integrates with Google drive


 4. Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget

As you already know how important is it for SEO purpose to have Tag Cloud properly integrated on your website. If you care and believe on importance of Tag Cloud then this is perfect package for you. Main Feature of this plugin it provides us a long list of customization options and complete control over tag cloud. Here you can download and more information about Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget.

Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget


 5. Dynamic “To Top” Plugin

In simple words those how feels difficult to scroll or don’t have scrolling pad or button then this stuff is awesome for such peoples. This plugin provides you many options to customize in a way what ever you like. Here you can download and more information of Dynamic “To Top” Plugin.

dynamic “To Top” Plugin

6. Better Internal Link Search

To be honest I’m personally facing this problem from long time for searching any thing in website content. After this innovation made me really happy. In simple words it makes our search more compatible and relevant. Main concept behind this plugin how its works that it limit the search result to the post titles only. Here you can download and more information for Better Internal Link Search.

Better Internal Link Search


 7. Gallery Carousel Without JetPack

As it clear from its name that those people didn’t like much some features of JetPack may be due to manner of customization. So, if you want to use Gallery Carousel without JetPack here you can download and more information Gallery Carousel.

Gallery Carousel Without JetPack


 8. Vimeography

It minimize you time provide you best features that you haven’t seen before. First time a WordPress Plugin that allows you to create awesome, custom video galleries in just 30 seconds. Here you can download and more information of Vimeography.




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