10 Most Popular Web Fonts That Inspire People

Fonts are the fundamental necessity for every creative designer but some time that designer demands popular fonts to put their level of creativity onto best path. There are different types of parameters are set by the big companies such parameters now becomes standard.  Many different fonts are used in top products and people are always looking for that popular stuff. So, its always the good design that inspire others when they visit your website, blog, profile etc. There are popular types of fonts like Arial, Tahoma, Georgia, Comic, graffiti etc which are very useful fonts. These are all given below and its also worth noting that there are allots of keyword searches of these fonts on internet. If website fonts size are small then very difficult for visitors to read your article and large font not looking good so medium size font is best for website and looks good.

Today I am going to present 10 popular fonts that helps you and  your visitors inspired a lot if you adopt any font that is written in this article. If you like our this article then don’t forget to visit our other best articles Free Movie Font, Typography Fonts and Fresh And Free Fonts Of 2011.

1-Graffiti Font:

2-Stencil font

3-Typewriter font

4-Helvetica font

5-Cursive Font:

6-Papyrus font

7-Calligraphy font

8-Comic Font


9-Georgia font

10-Funky Font.

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