50+ Top Photoshop Actions For Vintage Look

The concept is simple, but the process to create a series of measures can be very complex for adding a very cool vintage or retro to your photos.This collection 50+ Top Photoshop Actions For Vintage Look is a great deal for your success to learn and apply these new trick and tips to your work.As we have already published some other articles like on Photoshop video tutorials, Advanced Photoshop Tutorials, Photoshop tutorials for beginners, tutorials photo manipulation, Photoshoptutorials and forum signature tutorial for Photoshop edit photos etc.

You can add a new dimension to your creativity.Already there have been new to cool to add to your learning. Another good way to keep your styles in graphic design and web updated. When there is more to design, it is still possible to learn and discover new techniques.




1.photoshop actions – 136 (4 actions)

2.40 Awesome Photography Shots From Daily Life To Change Your Mood 

3.vintage wash ps actions (10 actions)

4.Inspiration: Black and White Photography 


6.photoshop actions – 38 (8 actions)<

7.Slightly Vintage (3 actions) 

8.Vintage II – PS Actions (6 actions) 

9.Vintage Colors (8 actions) 

10.Fearless Action

11.Forest Action 

12.Action 01

13.Photoshop Action 11

14.Antique Action


15.Victorian PS Action

16.Photoshop Actions – 4

17.photoshop actions – 133 (12 actions)

18.Vintage Actions (2 actions) 

19.Showcase of Inspiring Foggy Photography 

 20.Sepia Actions 

21.Variety Pack Actions

Make your photos more emotive and impactful using these marvelous actions.

 22.Photoshop Color Actions

A great set of actions that may come in handy in different situations.

23.Photoshop Actions Set

A funny action great for transforming regular people into cartoon characters!

24.Photoshop Action Set

Create an awesome looking picture using different styles granted by this awesome action set!

25.Powerful Colors

Play with the colors that are around you to make an interesting and nice composition.

26.Photo Coloring II Set

Change the colors in your composition in a nice and pleasant way using this simple action.

27.Large Photoshop Actions Set

A huge set of actions, totaling 40 stunning photo actions. You should be able to achieve a wide range of looks for your photos using this set.

28.Bright Eyes Photoshop Action

Add a special feeling and make your eyes beautiful together with this cool action.

29.Photoshop Action/ Set 2

A stylish action that grants your pics a new and fresh look.

30.photoshop actions – 66 (8 actions)



31.Photoshop Actions – Set 13 (8 actions)


32.Sun Kissed (7 Actions)


33.Ghost Stories (9 actions)


34.Photoshop Actions by  Honestheart26


35.Gue Behind Actions Set by GueBehind


36.Photoshop Actions by jeanBR


37.Photoshop Action by  IGotTheLook


38.Teenage Dream Actions by thethiirdshift


39.PS Actions by ama-chii


40.Color Variety by night-fate


41.Vintage Photoshop Action by SorrowfulSeptember

42.Actions. . . by ddlybrningsls


43.Spring Fever-Photoshop Action by CarpeSav


44.Photoshop Actions by aliiicimo


45.Color Contrast by night-fate


46.BW Photoshop Actions by vaguerecollection


47.Phoshop Action by IGotTheLook


48.Action “RED LIPS ONLY” by ModernActions


49.Ps Action Delicate Yellow by night-fate


50.Sa-cool Action by sa-cool


51.Photoshop Action by primaluce





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