40+ Useful Elegant Fonts For Designers

After searching huge data on internet and with our experience.Font is one of the key elements in any design related project.We have collected this massive collection of 40+ Useful Elegant Fonts For Designers. We do the searching so you don’t have to. In this way you can  saves your precious time and helps you focus upon whats you want.



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Oval is a custom sans font which is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items.


Giro is an informal sans serif typeface.

Designed for an independent music label, it was part of the graduation project of designer Marcelo Magalhães.
This typeface can be used on logos and music poster design.


A modern rounded typeface combining humanist elements with a strong geometric grid. The result is a font that can produce striking visuals at large scale and clean line legibility at text size.

Details include four weights, a complete character set, manually edited kerning and Euro symbol.






29.Square Comic 







31.Skyhook Mono

SkyhookMono is a carefully handcrafted monospaced typeface family. It is modern, sturdy and reduced to the max yet refined and classy. But we really love the fact that Skyhook Mono is very readable even in smaller sizes. It is designed and optimized to be printed so you should not be surprised when the results are even better than the screen appearance!


32.Reklame Script

Reklame Script is a brush typefamily consisting of four weights. It was designed by Hannes von Döhren in 2010. This family is influenced by the handlettering of printed advertisements of the 1940s and 1950s. You can combine the four weights to gain a better emphasis – perfect for headlines, posters, and other display uses.




A technical square-edged font influenced by modern architecture and computer aided design.


Cartwheel, a super bold and playful display font designed by Tom Censani was inspired by the imperfect beauty of hand-lettered signs at theme parks and the bouncy cadence of text inside comic book bubbles.

Cartwheel is a fun attention-grabbing font.

36.Florin Sans

A clean, symmetrical and modern typeface. The font (previously named “Heimat Grotesk”) was developed by Florian Klauer for display and body copy application. What stands out about this font is it’s large x-height and constant line-weight. Nearly all letters bend with a continuous unfaltering style, giving the impression all letters are cast from the same mold.

37.ION C

ION C is a part of the ION superfamily, which consists of 3 families: condensed (ION A), normal (ION B) and wide (ION C), each having a compelling range of 10 weights.

38.FR Hopper

FR Hopper is the biggest release of Faberfonts Foundry since its opening. The project started as a quest for cool and neutral thin sans capital forms and proportions more than a year ago. Till then lots of things have changed and have been added and the project has grown into a project as complex and prolonged as nothing else before here in the studio of Faberfonts.

39.Springsteel Serif

Like the sans-serif, it has unusual construction using curves on the outside and straight lines inside characters, giving it quite an expressive and warm feel. It contains small caps and old-style figures, as well as superior/inferior figures and common fractions and mathematical symbols. It supports Western plus Nordic, Eastern European and Turkish languages.

40.1470 Sorbone

This family was created inspired from the first font carved and cast in France, for the Sorbonne University’s printing workshop (Paris). The characters were drawn by Jean Heynlin, rector of the university – inspired from Pannartz’s – and in all probability was carved by Adolf Rusch.

41.Classic Blur

Classic Blur has maximum roundness — and is still legible. It can be used as an interesting workhorse in small text sizes. It makes eye-catching headlines in big display sizes.


Geometric font for paradoxical or short texts. Also maybe use for headlines, logos etc.

43.St Ryde

St Ryde is a humanistic sans-serif with a slight touch of a script typeface. The most significant aspect of the typeface is the combined sharp and round treatment of the stroke endings. The complete Ryde Family contains five weights including real matching italics, so you can choose from thin, light, regular, medium and bold.



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