what is project management? 10 Essential Project Management Tools

Every body knows that projects require a lot of  planning and dedication to succeed. It can be very difficult, if not appropriate project management and communication between members.People were looking for some application that they can use to get rid of their problems.

1.CreativePro Office

It helps employees manage excellent project data such as tasks, hours spent, amount billed, the project contacts, notes and messages are all presented in a concise overview. Other than that users can easily create professional invoices, and share different calendar items with their colleagues and employees and much more..






It is an online project and task management tool that provides a virtual workspace to facilitate effective competition between team members, working together on different projects and make best use of available resources.




Huddle helps employees manage tasks, projects, share files with each other and collaborate information with their colleagues and customers.



ProWorkflow helps your company manage projects, tasks, time tracking, staff and contacts anytime from anywhere.



An excellent project management and online collaboration tool that allows users to create and manage tasks. With Basecamp, employees can share documents, presentations and projects among themselves and with their customers.




A great social project management software, which helps thousands of companies to do things together effectively in real time. With Wrike, you can manage an unlimited number of projects, monitoring of the time, Gantt charts, import / export Excel files, asset management, updating tasks in the Inbox, and more.




Comindwork helps users manage projects online. With Comindwork, employees and workers can manage task lists, wiki, e-mails – with Gantt charts, MS Project, workflows, and more.


8. 5PM

5pm™ is an intuitive web based project management tool which helps users which help employees manage projects and tasks easily, collaborate work with their colleagues, time tracking and much more.

9.Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a project collaboration software online management and monitoring of errors that enables project teams to collaborate and work faster. Users can track and plan their work schedules and communicate with your team on the progress of their projects.




It allows you to manage workflow with ease. With the lighthouse, users can automatically organize tasks, to integrate e-mail program, use landmarks to help you plan your activities and set dates, documents or images directly from Paste tickets so anyone can find on the team, and much more.


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  1. I recommend adding LiquidPlanner (http://www.liquidplanner.com/) to this list. LiquidPlanner has a robust scheduling engine that provides you with dates that you can trust. It also has a full suite of collaboration tools, reporting, email integration, time tracking and more. And, it’s very reasonably priced and easy to use!

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