Web hosting is common nowadays.  Many people and companies are involved in the web hosting.  In the present day, the prices of hosting one’s own website is quite costlier and many small companies cannot afford to spend so much money on the website portals and they do not want to risk creating their own websites; therefore, they prefer to make use of those websites where some space is readily available to be used and they can sell for low charges to other required parties.  Web hosting using internet as a platform has created a new wave in the online business field– hosting a website is a very costly business and everybody cannot afford.

 Website Reseller

It allows individual persons and organization to use internet as their platform to perform profitable business.  The method of working is something like this, where an owner of the website having enough free space will lease it or give it on rent to others for a very nominal charge; which can be used by those who need it for small investments and wants to have big returns.  It varies from basic function of transferring web page to more comprehensive and complex types of data base exchange.

Multitasking businessman

The majority role is played by the internet service providers who can host the web portals for the customer’s usage.  Some internet service providers give this service for very low rates; sometimes they are given free for their subscribers, who may be individuals, organizations, small companies.  While personal web hosting is almost free and sponsored one, business advertisement web hosting is quite costly and only big companies can bear the cost of individual web hosting where they need lot of space to exhibit their products, reviews, articles, customers support portals, having many branch of service under one banner name.  This is quite expensive and needs the help of hoard of people who work to develop web portals on the request of their clients.

 Website Reseller

More complex nature of website is the portal created exclusively for the company having different products under one portal.  Take for example any company who is having different electrical appliances and other consumer good where it needs large amount of space in the web as it has to cover so many aspects of the products in its portal.  For every possible query of the customer they should have an answer.  They have to leave sufficient space for the use of customers approach also.

When web hosting is profitable business there won’t be only one way to host.  Different types of hosting are there for the clients who want to have their share in hosting.

  • Limited and free service where usually these are used for the advertisements for the products
  • Another is use of single domain to share their space with each other through a common server
  • Third type is website reseller where the clients of the company themselves become host of the website.

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