All Kinds Of Text Smileys In The World

Smileys are acknowledged as “emoticons” as they express the emotions or feelings of a person. By using symbols or letters we can easily generate a facial expression. Scott E Fahlman was the first person who used sideway J smiley. Text smileys help to advance the communication of text by notifying the receiver of the planned attitude and irritability of the writer. After years of run-through, numerous internet forums as well as messengers and a lot of games played online have substituted the typed text by a corresponding image. For illustration, if you entered a colon on behalf of eyes and parenthesis for mouth, this text would be automatically changed for most of the websites with acquainted blonde smiley face that is most commonly known to us. These resultant images are to be recognized as Text Smileys.

There are numerous types of text smileys which are used to express emotions. We will be deliberating few of these types today.

image smilyes

Happy Text Smileys:

People share their happiness to others by using text smileys. The typical happy expression is the smiley, which comprises of a colon meant for eyes and parenthesis for a mouth twisted upward like :). One alternative smiley contains of an equal symbol for eyes and bracket for a mouth, as in =]. Certain people add a non-compulsory nose to a smiley by placing a dash in the middle of the “eyes” and “mouth,” like :-).

Un happy Text Smileys:

We can also show the expression of anger and sadness by using text smileys. A simple sad face is completed with a colon and parenthesis such as :-(. A person conveying even further unhappiness will overstate the unhappy face by substituting the parenthesis via letter “c” like:-c. Another unhappy face is formed with a < for mouth such as :-<.

Showing off Text smileys:

Text Smileys can be used in various other ways other than direct or usually used smileys. One of the simple method that how we can use emoticons is showing off. We can create a smiley with sun glass by using “B” alphabet such as B-). We can also make smiley with tongue sticking out like :-P. Similarly there are various other alphabets through which we can make different showing off smileys like ;-):-3 and :L.

Other Text Smileys:

Suspicion, indecision and displeasure can be conveyed with a single text smiley, containing of a slash intended for mouth for example:-/. Insignificance or an unenthusiastic response can be exposed by using a line for the mouth. This is attained through a capitalized letter “I” such as:-I. We can also use the same Text Smiley to show disgust expression.

Here are some of the text smileys which we have commonly seen on different websites.



fb smileys



Text Smileys


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