25+ Famous Mother Teresa Quotes

Mother Teresa Calcutta (Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu) was Albanian but she born in India 26 august 1910. She was Albanian citizenship of India. She was helping the poor and participated in charity programs and she was very kind with everyone so that’s why people remember her in best memories. Father of mother teresa is also very famous business man of their country and she was third kid of parents. When she was 8 year old then her father was died and life of mother teresa was changed then her mother sold textiles, handicrafts to earn some money.

Furthermore, in 1979 she was awarded noble peace award and she distribute $192,000 in poor people of India. her religious is catholic. Mother Teresa was very active to help people, charity and other programs from 1950-1997. In her noble lecture she said “Around the world, not only in the poor countries, but I found the poverty of the West so much more difficult to remove. When I pick up a person from the street, hungry, I give him a plate of rice, a piece of bread, I have satisfied. I have removed that hunger. But a person that is shut out, that feels unwanted, unloved, terrified, the person that has been thrown out from society—that poverty is so hurt-able and so much, and I find that very difficult.” She also singled out abortion as ‘the greatest destroyer of peace in the world”. She died in 5 September 1997 may God shows his blessing on mother Teresa and her soul rest in heaven.

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