Showcase Of Beautiful Lion Pictures

A big cat of that called panther or lion which is mostly found in Africa. This type of predator not only exists in africa but also exists all over the world. In our childhood’s books also called as the king of Jungle. Male lion has 20 year age and female age is just 10-14 year. Lion almost look like a cat though have abilities equal to cat but still have great edge on all spices that’s why it dangerous for every animal. It also has a killing fear on its face which only enough to kill a person from inside. There are many types of lion exist in this world like white lion, black leopard, Bengal tiger, African etc.

Furthermore, Leopards are very fast in speed as compare to tigers and that is well known how to climb on tree. Mostly lions live in groups because in group its impossible to defeat them and that is also called Leo. This is astrologist sign of many people. Some people keep lion as a pet animal and lion is very loyal with his master but if you disturb it then it may attack on you. Otherwise it is very simple and cute animal. Few years ago there are many species of lion but after hunting of lion now very small number of lions are remaining in world and many countries ban the hunting of tiger.

Today I am going to present 25+ Lion Pictures and hope you will like our this effort and don’t forget to comment on our this articles and don’t forget to visit our other best articles Snow Leopard Pictures, Deer Pictures and Crocodile Photography.



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