25+ Breathtaking San Francisco Pictures

San Francisco is the most important city in California and on the top in financial and cultural center. Francisco was found  1776 and after hard work by its nation with governments planing now this country is very beautiful and most develop city in the world for that reason many visitors are keen to come and stay here. The weather of this city is very cold here and because three rivers touch Francisco land from sides plus the pacific ocean. This city is located in north of California and has worth in all around the world due to his cold atmospheric weather and beautiful natural scenes. Three quarter of city is damaged from 1906 earthquake and due to fire that is recovered very quickly and now that is more beautiful then before. Today this city is renamed the most visited place or hot spots in the world and on 35th rank in number due to his marvelous beauty like Golden Gate Bridge, cable car, Chinatown and fog that is appear in whole year at certain time. In the global financial centers of  San Francisco on number 12.

Furthermore, San Francisco is the cold city of USA. There are many hotels, parks, Spa etc for entertainment and large number of visitors daily visit that city and enjoy to see beauty of that city. Baseball Giants is the famous and best team of San Francisco and baseball and football(NFL) is famous sports festival of this city. Tourism and private visitors have central part in Francisco economy  and culture, music, drawing art and handicrafts are known in all over the world and people. There are many universities in this country and University of California, San Francisco is the famous one and students came from other countries to gain advance education from here. Academy of Art University is the biggest learning art institute in California that have 13,000 candidates that are learning different kind of art from this university.

Today I am going to present 25+ Breathtaking San Francisco Pictures and hopeful you will like our this article and give us comments on our this effort and you will like our other articles  Beach Pictures, Waterfall Images and Infrared Photography.



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