London Olympics 2012 And History From 1896

As every Olympic games lover familiar about that London Olympics are going to start from 27th July and ends on 12th August 2012. For that reason we have collected a special article for those persons who are passionate about Olympic games and going back into history form 1896 to 2012 London Olympics. Specially, all sports personalities are preparing for these Olympics from four years. Every time these games brings many opportunities and happiness in peoples life no matter those peoples are directly or indirectly linked with Olympics. But this time London have to face new challenges for serving best to the hostages from all over the world. This time entire world have eyes upon London weather they are providing best resources to all hostages better than china or not.

Further more, some school of thoughts have awarded the current Olympics 2012 poster the best design ever built. Because Olympics poster represent the culture and entire nation where the games are being held. If you elaborate the entire article from history all poster of every country resembling the color, mood, feelings and specially the culture.  No doubt its a big challenge for designers to put top level creativity in it and they have done their job successfully. But a simple question still up to the lips of people does more creativity would be accepted in others games.



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