35+ Lovely Ramadan Wallpapers

Ramadan is full of blessings and ninth month of Islamic  year and in this month Muslims stay far to eat and drink from sunrise to sun-set. All Islamic months are special but Ramadan is very special for Muslims and non-Muslim also know and respect this month. This is a month of fasting and Muslims get so many spiritual reward from God.fasting is create patience in their bodies.  This is a month of blessing and God is very gorgeous and merciful with his creature and give them inner peace and spiritualism.

In this month when we are from fasting then we stay far to eating, fighting, abusing, sexual relations, bad habits and doing recitation of Quran. In the early morning Muslims eat their meal that is called Sheri when sunset then they together and eat their meal that’s name is iftar. In this holy month people are eat only two times, one is Sheri and second is iftar. Muslims have believe on laylat-ul-Qadar that is very blessed night in Ramadan and they are revealed in 21,23,27,29. anyone doesn’t have confirm about that but mostly that is celebrated on 27th of Ramadan.

In this holy month Quran reveals its value. We can spent our life in the light of Islamic guidance and if we obey this  sayings Of God and Prophet(S.A.W) then we are rewarded from God and if anyone is not obey and respect of this holy month then that is must be punished from God.

Today I am going to present 35+ Lovely Ramadan Wallpaper and hope you will like our this article and don’t forget to visit our other article like Money Pictures, Vintage Photos and Underwater Photography.


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