25+ Best Examples To Understand GIF Images

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format and these are the most famous pictures on internet it is also being observed by some experts that these images gets more Google attention as compare to other. Basically, these images are all about moving objects and animations. These GIF can support up-to 8 mega pixels per bit and these images are mostly use as a signature in forum and sometimes as a profile picture. JPEG is mostly used images that are stilled and not animate, for the purpose of producing gif images they are compressed and join in such a manner with two images with different frames to make a normal still image to look like perfectly moving. For a perfect animation you need some experience and skill as well.

GIF image format is introduced in 1987 and replaced RLE format that are used for colorless images. Now these are used widely on internet. If you are looking toward some automated tools to help you out then don’ t worry there are many software that convert pictures into bitmap format without reducing resolutions of picture. Mostly companies are using this format for creating their logo and for their advertisements too. GIF, JPEG and Bitmap are also famous formats of pictures.

Today, I am going to share 25+ Gif images examples and hopefully you like our this effort and if you like this don’t forgot to inform us via comments and must visits our other best articles Tilt Shift Photography , Lovely Baby photos and Positive Quotes.

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