30 Most Useful Smileys Or Emoticons Pictures That Express Our Mood

Smileys or emoticon can be simply be defined as a sort of smiling face that are created with code like  🙂 😛 😉  and other that express our moods and tells the other I m happy or sad or what kind of mood I have today. These are very popular on social websites and on smart phones as well by using in text, pages, sms, emails and stuff like that. Some smart phones don’t have such features to show these emoticons more clearly or in stylish way. If a person knows code of these smileys then he can easily make any kind of mood he wants to be.

There are many types and shapes of smileys, some site have animated emoticon that are moving and also showing different kinds of tricks. Someone have these in other shapes like cube, triangle and others but mostly are in circle shape. Emoticon are mostly in circle shape and are in yellow colors but also available in other colors. If we talk about Google talk software which have all kinds of smileys in different shapes and Yahoo messenger also have only circle shape emoticon.

Going back to the history, firstly emoticons are introduced in 30th march 1881 and at that time these are used to express our expressions only in moods. If you like this article then please visit our other most recent articles  Baby PhotosPositive Quotes and Tumblr Backgrounds. I’m sharing some codes of smileys please follow these simple codes then you will be able to make smileys on Facebook and other social websites as well.


Smileys Name  Codes
Happy 🙂
Sad 🙁
Tongue Smileys 😛
Funny Mood 😉
Laughing Loudly 😀
For Make Heart(Facebook Only) <3
Weeping :'(
Facebook Like Symbol (Y)


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