20+ Outstanding Tumblr Backgrounds That You Will Love

Tumblr is a social website that allow users to share videos, pictures and other best links to their profile and tum-blogs. So many pictures and videos are uploaded daily on these websites and becoming very popular among the people and in June 8, 2012. Tumblr has almost over 58.9 million blogs. In 2007 tumblr was first launched by David Karp and he was not aware of his blog that gets so many success and popularity in short period of time. Head-quarters of  Tumblr is in new york America and 106 employees are currently working hard to provide us best service.

David Karp was born on 16th July 1986 in USA and he is CEO of tumblr website, in 2010 tumblr was in the list of 35 world innovator under age of 35 and Karp has an estimated 40 million dollar net worth. It is the duty of bloggers to keep update to changes in blogging to take advantage of improve and new helpful tools. Tumblr is a medium of blogs and refreshing it with improved and new format centralized platform and interactivity. Tumblr pictures are so popular in people and personally I also like these pictures a lot.

Today, I am going to share 25 cool tumblr backgrounds and tell us via comment about our effort. I hope you appreciated  our this article and don’t forgot to visit our other best articles Miss You QuotesHDR Photography and Birthday Quotes


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