30+ Excellent HDR Photography

HDR stand for high dynamic range, HDR is name of speical effect that applies on pictures. Pictures are looking more attractive and unique. Today I’m going to show you HDR photography and later I will share HDR tutorials with my users and after learning that you can easily apply these effects on pictures as well. These effects will truly makes your pictures looking more attractive.

Applying HDR effect on pictures is very sensitive art and only expert and experienced people give the suitable color gradient to picture and look picture more stylish, in this effect only expert person knows who’s dynamic range is suitable for pictures. People like’s the pictures a lot and specific camera’s that capture picture for this effect and this is very appreciated from anyone. Two main source for this effect is computer rendering and other is low dynamic range (LDR) and sometimes SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) is used as LDR. Few Cameras have ability to capture direct HDR photographs and some have the ability to take picture according to standard of this effect and after capturing picture you can run adobe Photoshop and give effects on pictures.

Technology is very upgraded to past centuries and now after some weeks every famous company launches a new product that make our work so reliable and easy. Apple company is leading the competition to provide best and good products to people.


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