10 Easy Tips For Foot Care And How To Care?

As you know that foot is an important part of our body and it requires some sort of special care and treatments with the passage of time. Most important thing which is considered as a woman personality is your foots. This part of our body works in our all daily life more than as compare with others parts of our body. If we are working in our office or in room or in any outsides activities we should must need to care our foots by washing even five times in a day. Because by washing our foots five times in day not only prevents germs and infections but also provides a special type of humidity and freshness also. According to scientists and some bio researchers they do strongly believe and also recommend this that Muslims offers five time prayers in a day by washing foots and hands etc. Some school of thoughts also recommend to walk of grass bare footed in evening this will also provides a special feeling of freshness on your mind and releases all stress. Foot along with ankle is a strong structure of human body that have bones more then 26 and 33 joints, foot have five fingers including with nails.

Furthermore, Artificial feet are also available for defective persons but they have no comparison with real because real one are awesome and no comparison with God created things so please care of your feet because they are precious. Never neglect caring of your feet because person knows the importance of anything after loosing. Feet gives a good look for our body if anyone have good dress and good looking and if his foots are not looking good due to neglect and not caring then his body not impress a lot to other because everyone see the person face and feet also.


If anyone don’t give importance to ones feet then in the future he must have some feet problems and then he will regret but then time is gone and time is not come back and diabetes persons have more diseases and infection of feet and not able to perform their works easily, if they are depending on other persons that are completing their requirements if they want. All parts of body are priceless and they are genuine parts if once we lose, the not found like real.










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Foot Care Tips, how to Get Pretty:

1-Wash your feet daily and use a brush to clean between toes to scrub away dirt and grime.

2- Use a good quality lotion to moisturize you feet.The foot skin is rough so it is necessary to mostrize

3-After washing your feet use a clean towel to dry to prevent from fungus and red faking skin between fingers.

4-Always cut nails straight and smooth them by using emery board.

5-If your skin is dry it is better to use cream and petroleum jelly to prevent from  skin cracking.

6-When you sit down do not cross your legs it will limit blood circulation towards feet.

7- If you have corns and calluses do not treat it yourself, consult podiatrist.

8-It is good that you daily inspect your feet to aware of redness or blisters, cuts and cracks.

9-Use good quality socks like cotton and avoid nylon other local bad material socks.

10-Wear good and comfortable shoes in which your feet are comfortable and you have no problem in walking because if your shoes are not comfortable then you will have many feet problems.


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  1. Thanks for sharing all these tips in taking care of the feet. The feet usually is the part of the body which is taken forgranted but it is good that posts like this is creating awareness in people that the foot also needs to be taken care of.

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