30 Beauty Quotes

Beauty Quotes In Text Form:


Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.

(Khalil Gibran)


Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Beauty awakens the soul to act.

(Dante Alighieri)


Beauty doesn’t need ornaments. Softness can’t bear the weight of ornaments.

(Munshi Premchand)


Beauty has a lot to do with character.

(Kevyn Aucoin)



Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.

(David Hume)


Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.

(H. G. Wells)



Beauty is less important than quality.

(Eugene Ormandy)



Below we have 30 Famous or Popular Beauty Quotes in pictures.