15+ Inspirational Poetry

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by ~lovernotafighter


Hundreds of children yelling, screaming.
Horrified wails that deafen you.
The fear is tangible,
So thick you can’t breathe,
The shame of a thousand souls.
And then, midst the howling,
A faint cry of hope,
A baby that has not yet fallen.
A child that hasn’t been tainted,
And the evil seems to be gone.
Then a cry from the child.
His voice joins the torment.
Screaming.  All hope is gone.

You Laugh

When I hear your lovely laugh,
And gaze in your beautiful eyes,
I long to feel the warmth of your touch,
And light your face with a smile.
I make a joke, you laugh, you smile.
My heart is filled with joy.
The color in your velvet cheeks
Paints my heart with love.
But my heart overflows,
As you laugh and laugh.
My heart breaks, and the love
Runs down my cheeks
Into my trembling hands.
And you laugh.


A smile, a wink,
A giggle, a laugh,
Then you glare me down,
Cut my heart in half.
The tears cannot clean
The cut that you made.
The sorrow can’t fill
The hole in my soul.
The comfort of friends,
And forgiveness from you.
Once I have that,
I can live again.


Shadows flicker in the sunlight,
Branches flow in the breeze.
The air is cool, the wind, refreshing.
Birds are swooping through the air,
Sounds of laughter echo,
And the insects are constantly buzzing,
Filling the air with a noisy peace.
A calming, enjoyable sound.
Children are playing, clouds are dancing
In an empty blue ballroom of sky.
And all of this is God’s creation,
Who else could inspire such awe?


No poetry

by ~eowyntje

No poetry was written,
No fairytales were read.
As if it was forbidden,
By the monsters in her head.
And all they thought was silly,
Was quickly thrown away.
By a girl who had to grow up,
By a girl who couldn’t play.

All her dreams and fantasies,
All her fears and hopes.
Thrown in a bag of garbage,
Balloons and skipping ropes.
The teddybears and puzzles,
All had to retreat.
For new puzzles in her head,
She never would complete.

No poetry was written,
No fairytales were told.
Her eyes spoke of a sad tale,
Her hands were always cold.
She thought of no white horses,
For she was no princess.
Her life was about papers,
And secret loneliness

All her dreams and fantasies,
Would never come true now.
For she had forsaken them,
Without knowing how.
Remember how happy she was.
She doesn’t even know.
The little girl she used to be,
Was forgotten long ago.



by ~AutumnsFallenSky

I found meaning
In words so unspoken,
And the places
No eye catches.
In the shade of behemoth movement,
Watching a life
Behind the borders of mind,
Without a breath or word
A reason to question the air above my head.
How I breathe
And am held down,
And crawl through forests
Still as the sky.
Release burden,
And listen to what was always there
Between branches and channels,
And breathe.
Learn from each
To know yourself.
And the one’s you would surrender it all for.
Continue with that emblem
To reaches
Out of corners.
Make the road your own.
Forget each curve
And listen in silence.
There we find answers that we only dreamed to know.



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