Latest iphone 4s Siri App Now On iphone 4

The real revolution in Apple technology for everyone was the voice-activated technology called Siri.
Here is the little bit preview of latest iphone 4s siri app this is the new voice control system built in iphone 4s.

iphone 4 siri

How to start Siri App?

Starting with Siri on iphone is just you can hold down the button on front of the iphone or on your blue tooth or wired head set button e.g Then you say like.. Whats the weather like today Siri? Now Siri firstly getting to your current location and Siri says here is the forecast today. So if you wants to know the weather of some other location you just speak about the place you want to know and instantly you have your answer by Siri.

More About Siri App..!

So Siri can tell you about weather but you can do other things like if you want to play any song you just simply instruct the name of particular song and Siri automatically search for you. Further more if you feel hungry and wants to go near restaurant you just simply say Where can I have lunch?
Specially the feature I personally like is text messaging to your friends. If I say send the message to Adams and I’ve two contacts in my phone book John Adams and Noel Adams. Siri is so intelligent in selection it ask you about which Adams you would like to send this message after my instruction it takes dictation which is system wide feature in ios 5 on the iphone 4s. So you can exactly setup Reminders, Timers, Alarms, find out any location and Google the things with no typing .

Some of Siri features works very best when you are in car or at some where you can’t look at your phone being unable to read and send messages others that really time saving.


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