10+ Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

There are some great online service providers as a form Wufoo form and spring. These services allow you to create contact forms, survey forms and the registration form easily without knowing much about web programming languages.

WordPress plugins you can use to create a contact form with ease. However, there are a lot of repositories contact form plugin WordPress Plugin. Some programs are a bit ‘too old, could not support the latest version of WordPress, or just have too few features.

In this article, we have 10+ Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins , support WordPress 2.9.1.


1. cformsII

cforms is a highly customizable Ajax driven contact form plugin. It lets you to create multi page forms or multiple forms on one page easily. They are few more cool features such as Role Manager support, Tell-A-Friend, Fully localization, Backup and Restore. Antispam is also supported by using CAPTCHA or Q&A.


2. Contact Form 7

Another highly customizable form plugin. You can add fields and alter the look and feel of your contact form through CSS. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.



3. ONW Simple Contact Form

ONW Simple Contact Form is a small WordPress plugin that allows WordPress users to add contact form to any page or post through WordPress short code. However, users are not allowed to add fields to the form.


4. Fast and Secure Contact Form

This plugin allows optional extra fields of any type: text, textarea, checkbox, radio, select. It doesn’t require Javascript and has very tight security features.


5. Clean Contact

Clean Contact is a simple contact form for WordPress. It requires less to no configuration and able to run out of the box upon installation. You can specify the Thank You Message and also Thank You Url, which is the URL that users would be redirect to after the form is being sent.


6. Visitor Contact Forms

To use this plugin, you need to create a contact form at http://www.visitorcontact.com/. After that, just fill in your form ID to the plugin page and you are done. There are a lot of cool features, such as Geocoding, Captcha Spam Protection, Contact Manager, Skype Status and much more.


7. Dagon Design Form Mailer

This plugin also known as Secure Form Mailer, offers a lot of features such as multiple forms, multiple recipients, auto reply, multiple attachments, message template system and also numerous security features.


8. Scaleable Contact Form

With Scaleable Contact Form, you can have either Ajax or non-Ajax version contact form at no time. Extra fields can be added and set to both required or non-required. Able to add contact form to your template files too.


9. MM Forms

MM Forms is an easy form build for WordPress, but it has a lot of features. With this plugin, you are able to create multiple contact forms for your site, spam filter with Akismet, protection by CAPTCHA, Ajax submission with jQuery and also custom fields. Some of the special features that offered by this plugin include saving form submission to database, export to CSV and even has a RSS feed for form submission.


10. Tiny Contact Form

A very simple contact form, without fancy features but you are allow to add contact form through sidebar widget or template files by calling the correct function name

11. WP Contact Form

Simple Contact Form plugin for WordPress. You can use this plugin to add contact form for both a post or page.


12. SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)

This WordPress plugin utilize both jQuery and its plugin SimpleModal for the modal dialog box. You can even insert the contact form to your template files. So, it is suitable for theme developer who want to include contact form in the template files.



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