Latest Best Technology Inventions of Solar Power

Solar energy does not require fossil fuels and therefore less dependent on this limited and expensive natural resource. With the rapid development of new cheaper ways of producing solar photovoltaic, solar devices become a bigger part of our daily lives. These are amazing inventions that solar gadgets replacing your everyday life according to the present needs.

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1.Solar Powered Boat

How wonderful, if you travel on solar Powered Boat. We wish for this wonderful travelling around the world.


2. Solar Dress

The Day-For-Night Solar Dress, designed by Despina Papadopoulos and it is custom-tailored with 448 white circuit board tiles that ‘accommodate solar cells, RGB LEDs, or photocells and jumper connections in the form of 0 Ohm resistors’



3. Solar Camera Strap

Most photographers use a camera strap resistant click on the images and here’s an idea to capitalize on it. This is done by the band solar warned! Meaning, the addition of thin film solar across the width of the belt in order to exploit the solar energy when the field. Aptly named Sun Belt, which is a great idea when you can have solar panels on the packs and what not, why not a camera strap!

 Latest Technology Inventions of Solar Power

Latest Technology Inventions of Solar Power

4.Solar Lounge Chair

Another great inventions that is solar lounge Chair, it keeps Recharge Electronics gadgets while relaxing outdoors.


5.Solar Powered Barbecue Grill

To start grilling without smoke or flames, all the chef need do is lift the lid on the shiny silver device, aim it at the sun and place the food inside.


6.Solar Powered Car

XOFI Walk is most impressive and solar powered world fastest car powered by 893 solor cells.



7.Solar Powered Lawnmower

This is a really amazing and useful Lawnmower machine that clean lawn with Solar Energy powered.


8.Solar Powered Sunglasses

The lenses of these sunglasses include solar cells that collect energy and then allow you to power your portable electronic devices.


9.Solar Powered 3D Printer

Sunlight and sand are used as raw energy and material to produce glass objects using a 3D printing process.



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