10 Useful WP Plugins For Every blogs


WordPress blogs are becoming every day social, Improving research plugins for WordPress are very essential because they allow improvements in multiple searches within the page and also offers a comprehensive view of moderation so that administrators and editors can see posts awaiting approval and publish or delete .Their are some WP Plugins allows you to make your WordPress blog more social.


15 Really Useful WordPress Plugins That Every Blogger Should Know

15 Really Useful WordPress Plugins That Every Blogger Should Know



1) After The Deadline: The deadline is a plugin that helps you write better by spending less time in assembling a way that when you activate the plugin and click a link to read a text field, the plugin will check the spelling, style and grammatical errors.

2) Insights: It is designed to allow you to add content to your articles. What you only need to do is highlight a number of words and write these words in the search field, which is less in the form of content creation / editing of posts in WordPress. Then select the area you want to search.

3) All In One SEO Pack: All in One SEO Pack is one of the most recommended WordPress plugins. This plugin allows users to change the title of a position, and add keywords and description for it.

4) Akismet: Bloggers as the essence of the complaint commentator erroneously labeled spammers. Akismet is a spam filtering plug-in, which protects your site is spam. Try to filter out spam links, blog comments and spam TrackBack pings.

5) GrowMap Anti SpamBot Plugin: Although it is annoying to spam, many plugins available that can help you get rid of them. GASP plugin is used to block spam, which seems to be a simple concept.

6) CommentLuv: This plugin you can give something back to your blog immediately with a link entitled to your blog or Twitter in the last part of your comments.

7) Comment Redirect: As the comments are very valuable for all bloggers to receive, just like your first time commentators are good people, once you realize that this is the first time commentators. This plugin simply allows you to redirect people to a page of your choice!

8 ) Contact Form 7: Contact Form 7 is a plugin that offers very good image for your readers and commentators. Basically, it shows that it is just a click of your readers. It allows you flexibility in designing the form and mail.

9) Do Follow: DoFollow is simply a term that provides Internet web pages or sites that do not use the “nofollow”. It ‘s basically created to help the blogging community, reducing the links added to the “comment” in a blog page. It also supports beleaguered administrators banning spammers get no benefit from the addition of the desired link in the page popular.

10) Subscribe to Comment: If you know by email when someone has responded to comments or remarks that do subscribe to comments plugin is for this reason. This e-mail notification encourages blogs to become a true two-way conversations in a way that other blogging platforms have not matched.



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